In this article I'm active to recap how to track your ClickBank gross revenue AND collection. Don't be concerned if you don't back up any ClickBank products, the techniques defined below can be nearly new with any associate introduce yourself that has a "Tracking ID" artefact. Everything is besides 100% free, I'm not difficult to advance any chase systems here!

Ok, let's get started. If you're not acquainted with beside ClickBank's pursuit ID system next you can read more in the region of it at ClickBank (read their Hoplink FAQ). The complex is you can simply line sales, not clicks. Let's pilfer a outward show at an occasion to exhibit the problem, and the therapy. Let's say you have a webpage at this address:

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On that leaf you're promoting a ClickBank associate URL:

You can see that "yourid" is your ClickBank associate ID, "publisherid" is the ID of the business you're promoting and "code1" is the following ID for this distinctive cooperation. If 100 populace chink on that intermingle and 3 of them buy the product, that's a transmutation quantitative relation of 3%. A transformation ratio is the percentage of folks you transport to an associate URL who then go on to buy the product. In this case, the integer of 3% manner that 3 out of all 100 visitors, on average, became clients.

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3% isn't bad, but hang down on a infinitesimal - ClickBank single tells you at hand were 3 sales for the trailing ID "code1". You don't cognise there were 100 clicks on the link, and in need this illustration you can't cypher the transformation magnitude relation. What if 500 nation had clicked on the link? The shift quantitative relation would be fitting 0.6% (i.e. 0.6% of the 500 people became clientele). Ideally you should solitary promote websites that have a relatively dignified rendition quantitative relation. If you're promoting two distinct ClickBank products for example, and one has a transition ratio of 1% and the else 4%, you'd be a cut above off focussing your notice on the second one and ditching the prototypic. You'll just cognize this if you can figure the paraphrase quantitative relation. Luckily, this conundrum is easy solved next to the use of a unrefined click-tracker PHP characters. The book simply counts the numeral of nowadays mortal clicks on a connection.

Don't dwell on if you've never in use PHP before, there's nada convoluted astir it. As protracted as you can upload files to your webspace you'll have no obstacle succeeding these undemanding staircase. It goes minus saw that you as well requirement PHP running on your restaurant attendant.

Go to PHPSuccessTools (see the assets box at the end for the URL), chink "mailing list" in the navigation bar at the top and subscribe, past watch your email for the watchword. This will spring you brimming entree to all the scripts that are gettable. Click on "Free Scripts" in the piloting bar and later click on "Tagged Click Tracker". Then crawl out the silhouette as follows:


You should e'er pick out a impulsive pairing of packages and numbers for your passwords, but to maintain material possession undemanding for this illustration get into "showstats" as the countersign.

"Destination URL"

This is your ClickBank affiliate URL near a trailing ID appended to the end. It should fix your eyes on suchlike this:[TAG]

Make in no doubt you regenerate "yourid" with your ClickBank ID and "publisherid" near the ClickBank ID of the trade you're promoting.

"Optional Expiration"

Leave this box as it is, we don't deprivation the link to expire.


Enter "go" for this.

You can donate all the else boxes as they are, unless you infer what they do. Now hit "Submit". Follow the commands on the subsequent page, where you'll be asked to bar various files onto your data processor and afterwards upload them to your webspace and transmission the permissions. Upload them to the identical sleeve as your index.html page (as this is the folio we're going to change in a few moments).

If you've ne'er varied file permissions earlier consequently there's a unrefined escort at PHPSuccessTools - righteous sound on "Guides" in the navigation bar at the top.

In this section we're assumptive that you're linking to a ClickBank affiliate URL on your scale page, so instead of linking head-on to ClickBank, alter the correlation on your "index.html" folio to this:


Let's recapitulation what we've done. We replaced the ClickBank affiliate connection on your "index.html" leaf next to a linkage that goes to the click-tracker inscription (called go.php). The click-tracker script, in turn, counts how more clicks the join gets and redirects the swimmer to the very ClickBank affiliate join.

Now we figure out what's changed, lets see how it works. Note the following ID (code1) at the end of the click-tracker link:


When mortal clicks on that link, the click-tracker looks at the finish URL (which you entered when the click-tracker was created) and replaces [TAG] with the trailing ID. So in effective fact, the end URL becomes:

Now all you have to do is scenery the applied mathematics for this click-tracker and you'll be able to see how more clicks your connection got. The stats are procurable at this URL:


Now let's say that 100 race sound on your new click-tracker intermingle and 3 of them buy the wares. By looking at your ClickBank stats you'll see that the chase ID "code1" has create 3 gross revenue. If you aspect at your click-tracker stats you'll see that "code1" likewise generated 100 clicks. Use the two figures equally and you can calculate the shift magnitude relation of 3%. In other than words, 3% of the empire you dispatched to the bourgeois in fact bought the commodity.

The version quantitative relation is essential to cognize. There's no element causation accumulation to a merchandiser that converts at 1%, when you could move that aforementioned assemblage to a diametric business that converts at 3%. Assuming the commissions earned per dutch auction are the same, you're higher off beside the 2d bourgeois. You'll single know this by experiment variant merchants and calculative the version ratio of all.

In information there's no involve to even calculate the changeover quantitative relation manually - the click-tracker does it for you! Simply picture the stats for the click-tracker and move into a "sales" fig for respectively pursuit ID. The click-tracker after reflexively generates the changeover quantitative relation for respectively one.

To finishing off this article, let's fair quickly see how you'd line gross revenue next to more than one following ID. If you sole have one relation to your ClickBank affiliate URL then you won't stipulation to do this, but what if you have two golf course to ClickBank, one on "index.html" and the else on your blog? Simply use the pursuing URL on your web log where on earth your ClickBank affiliate URL in general goes:


Now when you estimation your click-tracker stats, only just countenance for "code2" to see how masses clicks this distinctive interconnect prescriptive. Similarly, your ClickBank stats will put on view "code2" as the pursuit ID for any income that came from this association.

You are freed to decide on any pursuit ID you want (you don't have to use "code1" and "code2"). Just manufacture definite your IDs solitary enclose alphamerical characters (no spaces or symbols) and are 50 characters or little in fundamental measure.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can use the preceding techniques beside any associate exchange cards that has a pursuit ID facility. When creating your click-tracker(s), simply come in your associate URL as the "Destination URL" and spot [TAG] where the following ID should go.

If you're reaction adventurous, I advise you put together use of the hit-tracker script, also eagerly easy at PHPSuccessTools Place a removed hit-tracker on all page in your website that contains affiliate golf links and you'll be able to multiply the click-through magnitude relation as well as the version magnitude relation of those links.

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