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Hello, and response to your time period account from the

offices of TrainerTrackStats.

In this issue:

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- Review of later newsletter

- System angle: Going Change Winners

- A humor...

- Tomorrow's qualifiers




The ultimate story I transmitted was truly the initial. And what a result!

As in good health as providing a moneymaking rules angle, we likewise looked at why it pays to be shy of short-priced in flood people horses having their seasonal start.

A classical shield in prickle was Champion Hurdle jogger up, Harchibald, who had his early run of the period on Sunday at Tipperary. Having opened at 1-4, the horse drifted to 2-7, after 1-3. This is as a rule a pictogram that a equine is 'carrying condition' (as mentioned second time, this is trainerspeak for 'not fit').

Sure enough, 'Harchie' was active most select of all with a quarter mi to run, but found positively goose egg when asked to brand name his endeavour. He complete quaternary of five, and the aroma of cooked fingers could be sniffed intersectant the Emerald Isle. There'll be a bully few more overflowing profile, long unequal defeats until that time October is through. You have been warned...!

Also, in the closing newsletter, I started what is to be a every day characteristic in the letter: Tomorrow's Qualifiers. This is wherever I grant you an perception into the wonderful planetary of Trainer Track Stats.

And how!

On a never-to-be-repeated day, out of ix selections, eight were winners, as well as 10/1 and 12/1 horses. The one and only colt not to win was located 3rd at 12/1, in the aforesaid contest that we had the 4/1 winner!!

You'll discovery tomorrow's qualifiers at the stand of this memorandum.




Its the example of time period when Autumn starts to tap into Winter, and the coil and rainfall changes the going requisites just about regular. In short, its a tough time to be a boatman. So, I sought-after to response the question,

How can we use this rainy weather to our advantage?.

One of the things that struck me was,

What if a equid had once won on today's going, but was overpowered last incident out on markedly diametrical ground?

Well, I put this to the testing with my honorable Racing Systems Builder code (the self hugely dazzling info I trawl line to isolate the TrainerTrackStats nuggets). I utilised my natural 14/1 or smaller quantity condition, and as well curbed it to religious person races. This is what I learnt if today's going was two or more than types faster or slower than final circumstance out:


2001 20 69 28.99 3.17 4.59 7.69

2002 16 58 27.59 -5.40 -9.31 4.52

2003 16 39 41.03 38.00 97.44 43.29

2004 22 70 31.43 3.85 5.50 21.15

2005 16 55 29.09 0.95 1.73 6.21


90 291 30.93 40.57 13.94 15.23

As you can see, there are several excellent opportunities to find meaning present...


A JOKE.......


Nothing to do next to equid racing or winner uncovering but very

funny nonetheless!

A man walks into a dentists' surgery, and says, You've got to assist me, I believe I'm a moth.

The tooth doctor replies, You don't status a dentist, you obligation a psychiatrist.

The man says, I know.

The dentist, a little bemused, says, So what are you doing here?!

Grinning, the man replies, The feathery was on!




Exeter 2.10 Brochrua

Exeter 3.10 Boychuk

Exeter 4.40 Grave Doubts

Towces 3.00 Sexy Rexy (PRICE WARNING)

Note the (PRICE WARNING). This equus caballus - look-alike all qualifiers -

must be 14/1 or shorter to be a contestant.




Well, that's roughly all for this document. I confidence you've enjoyed it. Before I close, I'd similar to to cart the chance to cue those of you

who have yet to bid that I now have a daily email payment employ for TrainerTrackStats, bounteous you all the later day's selections the night back.

For more information, go to

Next newsletter will be in your inbox on or in the region of 17th October.

Finally, if you have any explanation / feedback on this letter, or anything you'd same to see in future,

please email your suggestions to

I'll facade full-face to audible range from you!

Thanks for reading, and privileged regards

Matt Bisogno

Author, TrainerTrackStats NH 2006/7


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