Osteoarthritis health problem ever begins in our old life. The weakness takes few years to improve. Food that you eat all day, donate more than consequence than the others factor. Osteoarthritis is caused by inflammation, the firstborn undertaking to circumnavigate from osteoarthritis, doing food psychiatric therapy or fare anti- inflammatory. There are few tips how to prevent from nutrient that contains unhealthy.

1. Avoid sensual fat

Animal fat is dangerous for your health, specially compose osteoarthritis. Animal products can be saved in buttery food from cow and pig, rind of bird, chicken, chockablock milk, drink 2 % from cheddar, bacon, salami, bologna, pepperoni, cow sausage and others fat service. Coconut oil and oil area products too regard fleshly fat accumulation. Change the products that you down with low fat milk, not fat meat and domestic fowl.

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2. Avoid carbohydrate

Powder foods are created from light flour, light cereal and albescent bread, specially mortal ready-made earth caused rubor. They can modify cytokines. Avoid the provisions above in bidding your osteoarthritis not growing last-place.

3. Avoid devour oil that build inflammation

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Avoid intense oil, as fat finish 6, mega corn oil, sun flower oil and others product is ready-made from the oils.

4. Prohibited Vegetables

Try to tiptoe around tomato, eggplant, paprika, white potatoes. Although at hand is no investigating established that the diet preceding creates osteoarthritis, but better escape them.

Food that proposition consuming

1. Omega 3

Research verified that z 3 is strong to diminish rubor and cytokines. Omega 3 can reduction rheumatism. Few food that boast z 3 are salmon, herring, mackerel; sardine, anchovy, rainbow trout, walnut, egg that embankment next to ending 3 and see tracheophyte.

2. Extra virgin olive oil

The oil can screen from osteoarthritis, because comprise polyphenols. You can find from zaitun oil and fish oil to inhibit from osteoarthritis, single out other virgin olive oil, because enclose peak opposed oxidance.

3. Anti oxidance

Inflammation can bring into being unrestricted ultra that restitution your cell in your unit. As vitamin C, D, selenium, and beta carotene are neat to devour in directive to prevaricate from on the house dire. You can find from broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, lemon, edible fruit fruit, paprika, strawberry, get weaker apple.

4. Vegetables and fruits

There are few fruits and vegetables honourable to eat in bid to hedge from degenerative joint disease. Based on the researchers from Manchester English in American Journal of clinical Nutrition that betacryptoxanthin and carotenoid can cut risks from osteoarthritis. You can brainstorm betacryptoxanthin in vegetables and fruits that have red flag. As Apricot, yellowish apple, pale bit, edible fruit fruit, gilt kiwi, lemon, mango, ashen paprika, peach, yellowish per, yellowish tomato, copier.You can insight carotenoid in vegetables that have new leafs, xanthous vegetables and red.


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